Financial offer

Subsistence allowance

The subsistence allowances are managed and paid by the scholarship managing university (SMU). The monthly subsistence allowance depends entirely on the type of mobility and will be transferred to the grantees on a regular basis. This is:
     1.000 € x month (Undergraduate)
     1.000 € x month (Master)
     1.500 € x month (Doctorate)
     1.800 € x month (Post-doctorate)
     2.500 € x month (Staff)

The EMERGE Project Management Unit suggests that the first two installments should be transferred right after the grantee’s arrival at the host institution and upon receipt of the document Confirmation of arrival and departure as higher costs incur for students upon arrival. In any case, the first installment must be sufficient to allow the proper installation of the grantee. During the stay abroad at the host university the subsistence allowance should be transferred each month or every two months at the latest.

The partner universities will make sure that the payment of the subsistence allowance corresponds to the total duration of the grantees’ stay abroad counted in full months. Remaining days can be considered as a full month only if they correspond to a period of, at least, sixteen calendar days.

Travel & visa costs

The travel costs are managed and paid by the scholarship managing university. The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a limit that depends on the distance traveled (see table below). On request and only in duly justified cases, a prepaid flight ticket will be provided by the scholarship managing university. For this purpose, the grantees should get in touch with the EMERGE contact person at the scholarship managing university.

Distance (km) Maximum amount (€)
< 500 250
500 – 1.000 500
1.000 – 1.500 750
1.500 – 2.500 1.000
2.500 – 5.000 1.500
5.000 – 10.000 2.000
> 10.000 2.500

The maximum amount for travel costs is based on the distance between, on the one hand, the home university (for Target Group 1), the location of origin (for Target Group 2) or the location of residence (for Target Group 3) of the student/staff and, on the other hand, on the hosting university premises. As an example, the maximum allowance for distances between 5.000 and 10.000 km is 2.000 €. For longer distances, no more than 2.500 € are available for travelling. Please note that only an economy class flight ticket can be reimbursed.

The grantee should arrive and leave the host university on dates as close as possible to those stated mentioned in the Invitation Letter provided by the host university, within a margin of up to seven days. E.g. if the dates of the grantee’s mobility are from June 15th to December 15th, the grantee should not arrive at the host university before June 9th and should have left by December 22nd.

IMPORTANT! The grantee has to hand in all original travel documents (invoices, boarding passes, etc.) to the host university and sign the request for reimbursement of travel and visa costs in order to get the travel costs reimbursed. The host university will send these documents to the coordinator. All original documents have to be kept by the coordinator university for at least five years after the final report is sent.


The Contractor (coordinating university) will organize and pay full insurance coverage (accident, travel, health) for up to a maximum of 75 € per grantee and month for the full length of the duration of the scholarship (vacation periods included).

* Please be aware of the minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage set up by the EACEA