Selection criteria

Admission criteria of all partner institutions in the consortium have to be respected. All applicants need to check the information sheet of the respective host university on the EMERGE website.

The respective home universities will clarify whether the applicant is registered/employed at the university (Target Group 1) and review, check completeness and authenticity of the documents.

The Ministries of Education of Lot 8 countries, in collaboration with all partner institutions will assist students belonging to Target Groups 2 in fulfilling all requirements for a successful application. This team will also check completeness and authenticity of documents for TG2 grantees after their selection.

Applicants wishing to study as students in Target Group 2 have to contact their home universities in order to guarantee that their studies abroad will be recognized in their degree. The learning agreement will serve as a guarantee.

The Local EMERGE Team of the host university will review applications, rank the applicants and report their decisions to the Project Management Team.


Bachelor and Master Level:
•academic merit – 6 p.
•language competence – 2 p.
•motivation letter – 2 p.

PhD & Post-doc:
•academic merit – 4 p.
•research project – 4 p.
•language competence – 1 p.
•cross-cutting issues – 1 p.

Academic Staff :
•Professional development plan – 5 p.
•language competence – 2 p.
•Letter of interest from Lot 8 institution – 3.

Administrative Staff:
•professional development plan – 4 p.
•Motivation for the mobility period – 2 p.
•language competence – 2 p.
•Letter of interest from Lot 8 institution – 2 p.

Other criteria to be taken into account:
•equity considerations for designated groups;
•commitment to contribute to the academic network of the consortium and to prevent brain drain.