Application procedure

1. Before applying, applicants are asked to inform themselves about:
• the range of study programmes offered at the host universities;
• the general information sheets ( );
• language requirements at the host universities;
• any specific admission requirements;
• information (study programmes, course catalogue, ECTS etc.) provided at the websites of the individual host universities.

2. Undergraduate and Master students may apply for two different host universities. Applicants for all remaining types of mobility have the possibility to choose only one host university.

3. Once you know what type of scholarship and field of study you want to apply for and the documents that are requested for each level of mobility, please register, fill in the online application form, upload all necessary documents and close your application.

4. After the deadline, your application will be checked whether it fulfills all necessary requirements (nationality, language, documents, etc.). Once passed this check, the application will be graded by the home and host universities according to the corresponding grading grids.

5. The home and host universities will be notified of the final selection of grantees and the host universities will then have to confirm the list of selected applicants.

6. The host university will offer the candidates the scholarship. The candidates will then have no more than seven days to accept or reject it.

7. The students will have to sign a scholarship contract specifying all rights and obligations related to the grant. Then the host university will start with the admission procedures for their future students and send the grantees an Invitation Letter for starting the visa application process.

8. When the selection and admission process has finished, not selected applicants and candidates included in the reserve list will be notified about the final result.

9. All scholarship must start before the date on the website.