Project management

Decisions within the partnership will belong to the Management Team, which will join together one member from each partner university. This structure will validate the procedures and documents used during the project and the calendar of the activities.

The Management Team will establish the procedures for selection and mobility (including the steps to be followed before and after the mobility), academic recognition, promotion, dissemination and valorization. The modification of these procedures during the project will be exclusively decided by the Management Team, and only following possible identification of problems, by means of continuous evaluation of the quality level of activities and results.

Apart from the decisional process, which belongs to the Management Team, the actual implementation will be run by an Executive Committee, made up of five members (two from the coordinating institution, two from two other EU partners and one from among Lot 8 partners).

Financial Management will comply with the rules and regulations of the Commission.

All the activities of the project will be designed, implemented and monitored in a quality assurance based manner. Specific quality assurance elements will be implemented by the project: documents (student mobility agreement, learning agreement, report forms, feed back questionnaires to be filled in by each mobile student and staff, mobility reports), specific evaluation indicators (number of mobilities, average number mobility ECTS credits obtained / recognised, number of candidates per institution / country / field of study / cycle for the selection process, etc.). The monitoring process will be carried out by the Management Team through reports provided every three months by the Executive Committee and semestrial reports from each partner university.

The visibility strategy will have two main directions:

  • visibility of the project;
  • visibility of each partner involved in the project

Dissemination means will include the project website, brochures, leaflets, media reports.

Sustainability of the project will be supported by the high-level human resources provided by each partner, by the impact of each Lot 8 partner in the corresponding country and by the involvement of the associate partners.