Project objective:

The object of this project is two-fold:

  1. European cooperation development  towards the extended EHEA, integrating:
    • • the sharing the European values and the common cultural heritage;
    • • the preservation and promotion of institutional, national and regional specificity in Higher Education;
  2. Transfer of good practice and deepened implementation of theBolognaprocess inLot8 institutions / countries;

Brief description:

In order to reach this objective, a consortium has been set up. The consortium covers a diversity of countries, regions and types of institutions.

The following needs have been identified:

  • • centering the educational activity on the student;
  • • developing  a more flexible approach in designing curricula and syllabi;
  • • acquiring more good practice in teaching, learning and evaluation methods;
  • • fully eliminating  obstacles to academic mobility.

In order to address these needs, 277 mobilities are proposed to take place within this project, for undergraduate, master, doctoral  and post-doctoral students, as well as for academic and administrative staff. All the thematic fields are covered in both directions, complying with the fields of interest and mobility numbers accepted and agreed upon by each partner university, as well as with the mobility number specified by the program for countries ofLot 8.